Wednesday, January 15, 2020

You Are What You Read

This week we are witnessing not one instance of Presidential horsecockery, but many. Enough to keep future historians up late at night sucking down pots of coffee and hooking themselves to IV's of liquid Aderral.

Today, for example, Captain Ouchie Foot will sign an agreement with China.

If you listen to his hyperbole, it's the biggest, bestest deal for the United States since "Seward's Folly." And if you listen to those who genuflect at the cankles of this fat fascist pig, it's nothing less than biblical in its impact.

Only it's not.

Details are unimportant to the Red Hat Brigade, but details and facts matter. The signing is simply a truce in the Trump-inspired Trade War. An agreement not to escalate the tension and impose more tariffs, which are paid for by the deplorable proletariat.

Speaking of War, it turns out the drone hit on General Solemmani was NOT because of any "eminent" (sic) threat on the US or four of our embassies. Or even one of our embassies. The administration has walked back all that Reichstaggian claptrap back in favor of,

"Well, he was a really bad hombre." 

Welcome to the world of 7th grade global diplomacy.

If all that Three Card Presidential Monte Card chicanery were not enough, consider this: it turns out that because our tax codes --the ones written by rich people for rich people -- are so arcane, Grandpa Ramblemouth can now write off the $25 million fine he had to pay for running a fraudulent real estate school, Trump University, Home of the Fighting Commission Takers.

Fuming about this obvious double self dealing, crack RoundSeventeen reporters interviewed several of the "students" who were scammed by the Trump Empire and collected some of the textbooks used by the "professors" at the esteemed Trump University.

The Trump University textbook titles, telling as they are, included:

The Rent is Too Damn Low

Slumlording 101

Asbestos, God's Gift to Property Owners

An Illustrated Guide to New York's Great Italian Concrete Pourers

Contracts, Schmontracts

Toothpaste, The Smart Man's Spackle

1001 Ways to Evict a Tenant

Rent Control, A Globalist Plot Financed By George Soros

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