Monday, January 13, 2020

The unfolding tale of Sebrina/Sabrina Jean

Meet Sebrina Jean.

Or Sabrina Jean.

She refers to herself both ways as you will soon find out.

As many of you know I'm no stranger to internet scamming. I wrote a book about it, Tuesdays With Mantu, My Adventures with a Nigerian Con Artist. And have become quite adept at recognizing all the hoodwinking variations, including the Illuminati angle.

The thing is, I've always been baited into these scams via Facebook. And no other social media platforms. That is until last week when I received a Linkedin invite, an urgent one at that...

Who wouldn't respond to an inquisitive student from Lovely Professional University?

I forwarded the invite to my little used gmail account and took the first step in the now familiar journey.

Turns out Ms. Sebrina/Sabrina is quite the chatty Cathy.

A lonely older spinster with lots of money? 
That's music to my ears.

Maybe too chatty.

You can't imagine how excited I was. 
Well, maybe you can.

I know some R17 readers love these letter chains. 

And others hate it. 

But it's my blog. And it makes me laugh. If you want some of that erudite, smart thinking, adult kind of stuff, I suggest you read the blogs of Jeff Gelberg or George Tannenbaum.

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