Thursday, January 16, 2020

Let's go to the photos

It isn't everyday that I pass by a lone brassierre laying on the sidewalk. Fortunately we live in a special time when the President of the United States is explaining the proper operation of a dishwasher and we all walk around with portable cameras in our pocket.

And so, because I have been extremely busy this week and need a blog entry, I am turning to an old standby, the Thursday Photo Funnies.

You might remember the loser who bought two GMC trucks for Christmas, only to have the black one snatched up by his ungrateful, gold digging wife. Turns out Chumpy McChumpface was not happy taking the red one and returned it to the dealership.

What the hell are those, you may ask. Those are lemons from the tree in my backyard. I'm convinced my house was built on top of a pet cemetery and the ghosts of old dogs are out to get me.

Speaking of dogs, we saw this one at a tile store in Indio, in the furthermost stretches of the Southern California desert. There's a lot of weirdness out there. I wish I had the good sense to snap a picture of the owner, who also had his beard braided.

Here's the entire clan. The four of us don't get together as often as I'd like. But when we do we abuse the alcohol. OK, I do.

Speaking of family, I snapped a picture of this kitschy album cover on my daughter's desk. The crabapple does not fall far from the tree. 

This was spotted on a transformer box. If you know me you know I am fascinated by transformer box art. This one was particularly satisfying.

A 1969 VW beetle. The old guy who was driving it told me it had more than 300,000 miles on it. Adding, "I'll die before it does."

Also from a different era, pre-iPhone, a Flip video camera, given to me as a gift by my friend Laura Sweet, for hooking her up with a sweet gig. It still works.

The sad, cheap obligatory Hanukkah display at an office building where I was working recently.

And finally, one last shot of my two college graduates who hate being photographed by me. But humiliating them is my job.

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