Monday, January 27, 2020

Alternative Insults

Hillary Clinton got it all wrong. The people, and sadly there are many of them, who support Precedent Shitgibbon are not a basket of deplorables. They're not. They're worse.

They're comically, existentially and painfully Unaware, with an uppercase U.

I've been giving it a lot of thought lately, you know when I'm not writing banner ads for Harry's House of Catheters or FEDEXing letters to the Secretary of Veteran Affairs in Washington DC in order to secure benefits for non-combat veterans (more on that as the fight continues.) By the way, someone from Robert Wilkie's office actually called me. Twice.

Here's what I'm talking about. Getting in line with their fearful leader Captain Ouchie Foot, the GOP and the entire Red Hat Brigade often take to the airwaves or to the ether of social media and, at the top of their lungs, scream Fake News.

They claim it's a Hoax. With neck veins throbbing, they howl about:

Adam Schiff, "LIAR!"

Nancy Pelosi, "LIAR!"

Jerry Nadler, "LIAR!"

Lev Parnas, "LIAR!"

Rachel Maddow, "LIAR!"

Chris Cuomo, "LIAR!"

Purple Heart Recipient, Colonel Vindman, "LIAR!"

Democrat Human Scum, "LIARS!"

Given that they make no attempt to hide their disdain for their opponents, I can only assume that they believe there is no lower life form on Earth than being a truth-twisting, honesty-averting, Pants-On-Fire, no good dirty rotten Liar.

And yet, quizzically, it is this same repulsive attribute that they admire so much in the One they call Chosen, he who inhales KFC, the highest paid golfer in the world, a semi sentient, Adderall-adled 239 lbs. sack of shit with a fat vulgarian finger on the nuclear launch codes.

They love how he lies.

They are hypnotized by his lying.

They walk the Earth, roam the interwebs, and gather at shabby rallies, to repeat the lies he's already told. And hang on his every word, hoping to scarf up newer, bigger, bolder lies.

It is beyond Orwellian.

And so, just as Hillary Clinton got it wrong calling them Deplorables, the Deplorables got it wrong, and continue to get it wrong, calling us, the critical thinking people, Liars.

If they really wanted to stick it to us in the most painful way possible and twist the knife until we could bear it no longer, they'd pull out all the stops and call us....

"Damn, Truth Tellers!"


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