Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Super Bowl Blues

We're now just 5 days away from the Super Bowl. And I must admit, I'm looking forward to this one.

For one thing, the New England Patriots will be noticeably absent. Thank god. I despise that team. I despise them even more because they are Precedent Shitgibbon's team.

Plus, I enjoy watching Patrick Mahomes, the new rising star of the Kansas City Chiefs as well at Jimmy Garopppolo of the San Francisco 49ers. And while I don't have a dog in this fight I do have some  California pride and will be pulling for the boys from up north.

As a still-working industry professional, I'm also looking forward to the commercials.

This year I could not help notice the pendulum has swung the other way and fewer companies are putting out teasers or previews of their hard labor.

I've never been a fan of that practice and still remember the birth of the Super Bowl commercial phenomena with Apple's tour de force, 1984. Had they teased or previewed that spot it would have lost all its magic.

Same for Monster's "When I Grow Up"

Or Dodge's "God Made a Farmer"

Or VW's "The Force"

So far, I've only seen one full 60 second Super Bowl spot, for Hyundai's Sonata. It was wicked good. Though, full disclosure, I should mention I worked on that assignment last year, and though I had a few scripts in the running, none made the cut. And that smarts.

But like my ass, my skin is abnormally thick.

Or, in the words of Bill Belichick, "Next week, Cincinnati."

And so it goes.

Another Super Bowl is upon us.

And another year will pass when I don't have a spot in the big game.

Like Philip Rivers or Mathew Stafford, I have to come to terms that the chance of it happening are dwindling, much like the presidential brain cells of Grandpa Ramblemouth.

In fact, unless there's a surprise 3rd round of VC funding for Harry's House of Catheters, I'll probably go to the Dirty Linen Nursing Home without a Super Bowl spot to my name.

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