Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Timely timeliness

Yesterday, Martin Luther King Day,  we commemorated a man who pushed us forward and added to the lore of American greatness.

Today, the Senate begins the trial of a sad 239 lbs. sack of diseased flesh who has set us back and done irreparable damage to the notion of American Exceptionalism. A notion that is not defined by, though many in the Red Hat Brigade claim so, a rocketing stock market fueled by tax cuts given to wealthy people.

Ronald Reagan's "Shining City on Hill" was not a gated community of McMansions with private pools, floor-to-ceiling flat screen TV and a plethora of imported stainless steel kitchen appliances. Our greatness was defined by President Reagan as being a Beacon of Hope. A beacon of hope does not square with throwing asylum seeking children in cages, cutting people off healthcare, punishing students who can't afford a school lunch, or looking the other way when a supposed "ally" hacks a journalist to death with a rusty bone saw.

As if all that were not damning enough, today the Upper Chamber considers the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by our impeached, cockwomble 45th President. And again there is little hope that justice will prevail and that he will be held accountable for extorting a foreign country for political dirt on his opponent, an outrage literally described by our founding fathers.

Assuming Senator Manchin and Senator Jones (West Virginia and Alabama, no comment) do not succumb to the spine thieves on Capitol Hill, it will take an additional 20 GOP Senators to sack up and do the right thing.

I'm here to tell you, "Don't hold your breath."

Many of you know I recently published a new book (pictured above.) I have spent the better part of the last two years writing letters to these "stalwarts of civilized deliberation."

I also did my homework and researched these slithering, slime-bellied creatures and can tell you with no hesitation, they are greedy, craven, power-obsessed trough hoggers who are focused like a laser on one thing and one thing only --hint: it's not their constituents-- the furtherance of their political careers.

Think I'm exaggerating? Let's go excerpting.

Let's look at Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, I'll bet you've never heard of this circus clown:

P.127 -- A reporter named Alice Olstein asked Roberts if he was in favor removing certain mandated healthcare coverage. To which Roberts replied, "I wouldn't want to lose my mammograms." 

That's genius, Pat. Pissing on the graves of thousands of mothers, daughters, sisters and wives who lost their lives to breast cancer, just so you could make a cheap joke and score a few political points in the name of Tea Party austerity. Fuck You Pat.

Or how about this gem from Senator Jerry Moran, also of Kansas. Why are all the brightest people from Kansas? During the Clinton impeachment, Senator Moran found a soapbox and opined:

P.115 -- "I choose to be on the side that says no man is above the law; that this is a nation of laws, not men; that telling the truth matters; and that that we should expect our public officials to conduct themselves in compliance with the highest ethical standards."


Why don't we hear from a Senator you do know? Like Rand Paul, he of the punchable face topped by the squirrel merkin. When Mike Pompeo was being vetted for the Secretary of State position (only to be usurped by Rudy Giuliani), the Senator raised some strong objections.

P. 34 -- "Mr. Pompeo, the President does not have the authority to bomb Assad's forces. Our founding fathers gave the authority to Congress, and actually they're uniformly opposed to the executive branch having that power." 

These asshats sure know how to pontificate. Too bad all their posturing gave way to obsequious prostration before our new Fuhrer, Grandpa Ramblemouth. Rand Paul voted to confirm Mike Pompeo.

Do not listen to the pundits who blather on about 4, 8 or even a dozen US Senators who, behind closed doors, want to do the right thing. These worthless douchebiscuits forgot what the right thing was the minute they placed their sweaty palms on a bible and swore an oath to their 401K plan...er, Constitution.

It is a sad day in America when 53 US Senators can't muster up the courage, fortitude and patriotism of this fucknuckle...

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