Thursday, February 14, 2019

The Ill Illuminati

If I were to ever get in the Illuminati, as promised by my handler/recruiter, Michael John, I would go ahead and get this cool tattoo. Of course, I don't know how they would apply it. They'd first have to wax off all my old man shoulder hair.

Nevertheless, when we last spoke, I had told Michael I wanted some kind of documentation of his valid membership with the fabulous Men of the illuminati. Or else I was going to take my Illuminati joining business elsewhere.

But once these guys get a fish on the line, they are relentless about bringing him in. After a brief pause he sent this.

I was not pleased.

Thankfully, Michael, returned the favor. And a picture.

Now he's playing to my weak spot. There's nothing a Scotsman, like myself, loves more than a picture of men in kilts.

But there was more.

A man holding gobs of money. Michael John is hitting all the right ancestral notes.

I let a few days go by. 
And Michael John got worried.

That's when I decided to get personal, explain some of my personal experiences and bring in the news of the day to keep things current.

I'm not sure any story ends better than with a picture of an unshorn sheep. So I will leave you to next week and the possibility of paying for my initiation fees with Bitcoin.

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Théo said...

Being in the Illuminati would be lit AF.