Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hail Satan, the illest of the illuminati

We're back with the continuing tale of my second Illuminati recruiter. We're close to a month behind. There's some catching up to do. So this may go long.

The last time we visited this adventure I had stalled Michael John on his request for $150 to buy my Illuminati Initiations items, including the prized 12 alligator peppers.

I told him I was short on money because I was working as a sheep shearer for the FDA and the government shutdown (you remember that? Trump Disaster #489) was putting the pinch on my purse.

But in addition to being relentless, these email scammers are delightfully patient.

And of course, I am reciprocally appreciative.

But his patience has its limits.

My willingness to torture his patience, however, has no limits.

We find out Michael likes leisure suits and rugellah.

Apparently though, he is a not a fan of old Woody Allen movies.

The money, where is the money?

Sadly, the money is no where in sight.

At this point in the journey it's time to discern my Illuminati friend's disposition towards Jews. 

This is always fun. Enlightening. And an opportunity to delve in some self loathing humor. 

Stay tuned.

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