Thursday, December 15, 2016

The week that was

As you might have guessed I have many friends who maintain wordy, unread, unimportant blogs like this one.

Oh we pretend we're like making a difference and that the internet masses are clamoring for our next post. But given enough interrogation, or a quick examination of the Google analytics, and that belief has all the validity of a Trump post-election victory speech.

One thing I find on these other blogs, which by the way you'll never find here, is the "I don't have anything to write about so I'll write about that" post. Go ahead scan through the 1600 odd posts over the last eight years, I've never done that.

I'll wait.

Of course I understand the sentiment behind such an approach. I'll often struggle to come up with an idea or blog worthy material. But if I can't come up with a topic or some interesting words, I always have my trusty iPhone. And if I open up my Photos folder I can always find something worth sharing.

So, without further ado or hemming and hawing to fill up all this intimidating white space, let's go to the amateurish, low-res iPhone photos and call it a week.

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