Thursday, December 1, 2016


Last week the hard drive on my 6 year old iMac crashed. It crashed hard.

I took it to the Genius Bar and had the tech guy run some diagnostics. All the tests were coming up green until, bam, like crapping out in Vegas I was staring at a big red warning button.

"Not good," said the hipster dude with the abnormally long lumberjack beard. "You can get a whole new computer for about $2300 or a new hard drive for 200 bucks," he added.

I have two college bursars with a lien on my paychecks; I took the new hard drive.

When it was installed a week later, I brought it home and began the laborious job of rebuilding my digital life. I love the pinpoint accuracy of the El Captain installation process (see picture above.)

About 974,480,799 hours and 5 minutes remaining.

I won't bore you with the excruciating details, but it took a long time to reboot the lost software, track down all the photos and the iTunes and finally, partially recover my accounting records that detailed the ups and downs of the last 13 years of freelancing.

Instead I'll share some of the random photos I found on my iPhone this week that, in a haphazard way, tell the story of the recent election, my daughter's homecoming(s), our family trip to the Broad Museum, Thanksgiving and the nearby Pacific Ocean which we don't visit often enough.

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