Monday, December 19, 2016

In which I annoy people

Last week, AgencySpy, the industry's leading and most honest mouthpiece, ran a link to one of my posts, 50 Reasons Why Advertising in 2016 Can Eat a Bag of Haggis.

This, in and of itself is hardly newsworthy. AS has linked to my posts dozens of times. And I'm grateful for the always reliable web traffic surge. But last week was different because one AS reader took exception to my whiny end of the year ragging on the industry.

ChingaTwoMadres (that's clever) wrote: I'm sure Rich is very happy to know that his favorite web log has acknowledged his existence. 2016 was a good year for the Shannon Doherty of Marketing after all. Holla!!!

Finally. Look, I know I rub people the wrong way, hell, sometimes I rub me the wrong way. But it's taken forever for someone to commit their disgust to digital ink. Of course as luck would have it, more specifically my shitty luck, my first ever national publication troll turns out to be some incomprehensible nonsense.

I get the jab at the narcissism, that's all well and good. But the "Shannon Doherty of Marketing"?  What the fuck does that even mean? Topped off by the equally illogical, but currently in vogue vernacular, Holla!!! 

???? Just' sayin'.

Another reader took issue with my recent rant regarding the imaginary War on Christmas, writing:

You really are grumpy...but lately your insights have turned into a political/religious war of self depravity -- not healthy... And please leave Jesus Christ out of it...Please, post some good stuff again. I'd be willing to pay for it -- it was that good.

Clearly, this is someone in the ad business. Someone who knows that the best way to couch some criticism is to garnish it with lots of flattery. Or, if I may paraphrase my old friend Rob Schwartz, "if you want them to eat their broccoli, make sure you give them some ice cream."

And last, but hardly least, there's the private email I received from one of my cantankerous colleagues  who is occasionally just right of the alt. right movement. He didn't take issue so much with with what I've written, but the fact that I've written it at all. That's right, I've saved the best for last.

With regards to my recent ribbing of President Shitgibbon, he opines:

I get the dynamic. I recognize you are an elder statesman in a very young industry. Departing the orthodoxy would make you even more an outsider. You're clawing. So, yes, you must stay relevant.

Holy shit, let's unpack that one. 44 years old makes me an elder statesman? Pffft, I've seen some of what passes for writing in advertising these days. And if this trend continues, I've got a good 15 more years to go before anyone can suggest I hang up the cleats.

Departing the orthodoxy would make me even more an outsider.

Good. If you know me at all you know I'll have nothing to do with the orthodoxy. Moreover, I cherish my firm standing as an outsider. I see the lumberjack beards, the ear gauges, the Trilby hats, the tattoos, all the affectations, and I want to be way outside of all that 21st century peacockery. Way outside.

And lastly, anonymous letter writer, there's the issue of credibility. When you mention advertising and relevancy in the same breath, you tend to lose all of yours.

Come on angry letter writers, anonymous commenters and internet trollers, we can do better than this. Can't we?


Anonymous said...

Hey man, if people aren't giving you shit for what you write then you're doing something wrong. Keep it up.

Unknown said...

Rich, I like that you have this blog. It's annoying, entertaining, funny, feel good, whatever. So what Chandler doesn't think your shitgibbon references are relevant. They're top of mind in an industry that plays off of top of mind.

Anyway keep up the good work. I had a good 2016 but in many ways, I don't think the country, or our industry did.

Keep writing shit that makes people react. That's what is great about the craft.


Rich Siegel said...


It wasn't Chandler, but it was someone who writes on Chandler's boards quite a bit.

BTW, thanks for the readership.


Unknown said...

It really did have Chandler's voice. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and sometimes I can totally relate to all of the irate commentary, or can we call just call it a simple observation?

I work in an internal creative services division where not one person in leadership has formal training marketing & advertising… it's great to see them use new terms and phrases in some Baadr-Meinhoffian manner. You know, when they hear marketing 101 terms like range and frequency. Then off they go to use it in every god.damned.department.meeting.

I just thought you should know, hipsters and douche bags alike are a dying breed, and though advertising and graphic design may never regain the luster it once had, people still appreciate your work.