Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There will be blood

That's not something you expect from a summer afternoon visit to the local dog park. But as you can see in the accompanying photo, just where Nellie's ear is attached to her head, there was blood.

Compliments of a half dalmation-half pit bull who was determined to mount my dog. Nellie put up a helluva fight before I, not the lazy-ass owner of the half-monster, pulled them apart.

On any other given occasion I would have read the owner the riot act about bringing an untrained, unfixed, unruly pit bull to the dog park. But I have watched enough episodes of Gangland and Locked Up on the The Learning Channel to read prison tats and recognize card carrying members of Eme, the Mexican Mafia. And the Black Hand and the Sur 13 inked across this guy's arms and neck were all I needed to see.

I grabbed Nellie and made a hasty, if not cowardly, departure, seeing as enough blood had been shed at the dog park and we didn't need to spill any more.

Particularly any of mine.

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Ellen November said...

Oh horrible, I am so sorry she had to endure that. I am saddened by what a scary place LA is becoming.