Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Here's to clean living

Yesterday I fasted in the hopes of absolving all the sins of the previous year. Of course two questions spring to mind.

First of all, who is doing this absolving?

As I've stated on many occassion, I am a confirmed agnostic (not an Athiest because I think that declaring there is no God can be just as arrogant as those who claim the opposite.) So other than my kids, who really cares that I successfully resisted the temptation to snarf down the leftover garlic lemon chicken and sweet plantains from Versailles?

Secondly, perhaps more importantly, why am I fasting to absolve sins I never committed?

Seriously, what did I do other than support my family, pay my taxes, put my kids through another year of private school, pick up my dog's poop and consistently yield the right of way at 4 way intersections.

I didn't commit any sins last year.

OK, there was that time I poured it on a little thick and yelled at my daughter for leaving her dirty clothes on the bathroom floor. I did go a little batshit crazy on the phone with the Pakistani Customer Service Representative from Citi Group. And then there was that party I told my wife I'd go to, then faked an illness so I could stay home and watch the third round of the Masters.

Maybe there is some wisdom to all this repentence and introspection.

But now that the slate is clean, I'm going to live sin-free. Next year, when Yom Kippur comes around, you'll find me enjoying the carne asada combo plate at Paco's Tacos.

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