Thursday, September 17, 2009

Copywriting 102

I want to thank everyone who participated in yesterday's copywriting exercise. There were lots of excellent entries.

Many of you chose to share your copy wizardry via private email. And considering the puerile nature of the exercise, that's completely understandable.

As a rookie copywriter you should know there is only one thing more important than money to those who shill for a living. And that is recognition.

When I had a staff job as well as the illusion of clout, I often told Lee Clow, Grand Creative Puba at TBWA Chiat/Day, "we could cut the salary base of the entire Creative Department if you would just walk around the office once a week and pat people on the back."

He would often blink his eyes and say, "Brian, can you get me a cup of coffee? Just cream, no sugar."

I've taken the liberty of securing the special USA Honor Society Certificate of Recognition for Max Godsil who wrote, "ADULTCON 09. The relentless pursuit of erection."

Congrats Max, despite what they say about you in SF, Detroit, Dallas and Torrance, you still have it.

But truthfully, there is no individual winner. And you can go online order your own certificate. Because advertising is a lot like my daughter's volleyball league. Everyone acts like a 12 year old. And everyone goes home with a trophy.

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max said...

I'd like to thank all the little people. With big huge ____s and ____s.