Wednesday, September 30, 2009

District 9-0232

Took my dog for a walk the other day along the same Culver City streets I've been walking for the past 17 years. You can pass by a lot of interesting things and never even notice them.

Take this enormous 4 story antennae for example.

Do we not live in a digital age when TV, radio and Internet data come streaming into our homes via cable or satellite dish?

Why in the world would you need an aluminum monstrosity that rivals the Watts Tower in height and in weight?

Why in the world indeed.

You wouldn't unless you were transmitting information back to the home population on
Beta-Centauri 12K-7g. Pointing out our collective weakness for fatty foods, celebrity worship and Skinemax.

And just notice how the windows are conspicuously whited out?

Maybe my wife is right.
Maybe I've been spending too much time working out of the house.
Maybe I need to get back to an office job.
But until that happens, I'm keeping a close eye on the "aliens" living on the 4200 block of Vinton Ave.

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P Clancey said...

I hate to go all geeky on you here, but that is a ham radio antenna. The owner is probably up all night exchanging call signs with other nerds, half way around the world. Clearly no homeowners association in this neighborhood. Upside? After the next big shaker, go over to his house and have him call in the National Guard to drop off some Evian bottles.