Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Copywriting 101

It has occurred to me that the last two posts have been awfully lengthy. I've exceeded my self-imposed pith-limit and for that I apologize.

So today, we're going shorter. Mercifully.
And inviting reader participation. (For all 7 of you.)

Spotted this billboard on my way home from the pool the other day.

It's a perfectly good billboard that communicates it proposition, quickly, cleanly and effectively. But my years in advertising tell me it could benefit from a tagline. Something that gives a humorous, attitudinal wink to this unique brand.

And to prove how really easy (and meaningless) my job is, I'm going to invite you to write one.

I'll start you out:

Adultcon 09
Come one, come all.


Kirk Cheyfitz said...

Feel the personal growth

max said...

Adultcon 09. The relentless pursuit of Erection.

max said...

Adultcon 09. We're the place to beat.


The beat goes on.

Rich Siegel said...

Adultcon 09.
Raise your hand if you're going.
OK, your other hand.

Josh said...

A tousand and one things to do with your tits.

Mark said...

Got Milf.