Thursday, October 21, 2021

Let's get blocked

 I've been on Twitter a lot, lately. 

I'll be the first to admit I was never a fan of the platform. And I had written them off as the new Four Square, where did they go (if you'll pardon the wordplay)? With so much social media at play it's difficult to tell which ones will make it and which ones will be the Cop Rock of the Internet.

My migration to Twitter was kicked into high gear by my recent incarceration in Facebook jail. Tweeting gave me an avenue to vent my borderline institutional hatred for ex Precedent Shitgibbon. And for that matter his brown shirt enablers in the GOP.

But what makes Twitter more engaging than say Facebook or Linkedin or Instagram (which I have abandoned) is the ability to interact with millions of more people. Including politicians, world leaders, celebrities and even Fortune 500 companies.

Last week for instance I got into it with two, not one, well known actresses: Kirstie Alley (pictured above on her way to the Tom Cruise Black Tie Bingo Night) and her friend Kristy Swanson (who is allegedly famous, just not to me.)

Swanson had asked why the Brian Laundrie search had slipped from the pages of national media. Kirstie Alley when on to say something about not fitting a leftist agenda. And I chimed in that perhaps there were more pressing issues of the day -- you know like saving our democracy. And that merited a clapback from Kirstie Alley.

You know me, I' could never pass up an invitation to lay some smack down on a celebrity, no less a Republican celebrity with all the intellectual firepower of a Scientology soup can.

Today I woke up and discovered Kirstie had blocked me. This, I consider a merit badge.

It goes well with the merit badge I earned last week when I got blocked by Liz Harrington. Wasn't she in Taxi? Or Doogie Howser MD? Or was it Hiller & Diller? Nope, Liz Harrington for those who don't know is the official spokeshole for our former president. Indeed she is the conduit for his daily statements. And his platform to beg for attention and retain any kind of relevance.

Not that I don't enjoy exchanging thoughts, memes and barbs on Facebook with my 2000 "friends", but going toe to toe with Hollywood's, and K Street's once elite, gets my trolling motor on the redline.

Today, I will focus on getting booted off Travis Tritt's Twitter feed. And I will circle back with other targets I have on my radar, including Donald Trump, Jr., Ivanka Trump, Senator Mike Crapo (like shooting dead flat fish in a barrel) and one Stephen Miller, the Kapo, I call him.

Toying with this dead-eyed tool has been most enjoyable. I'm within two to three well-worded trolls before getting escorted from his toxic Twitter feed. you can follow my travails at @glasgowdick, a stupid name I conjured up in jest and in honor of my mother's birthplace.

Mostly cause I didn't think this Twitter thing, or gmail, would last. Shows you what I know about social media.

More merit badge updates to follow. 


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ChangeItUp said...

I too, was dismissive of Twitter at first, yet it has grown on me like mold in a Florida motel bathroom. But I’m commenting because the digital ad that appeared (for me) below your post is for a local election. It shows that a Democrat has the same agenda as Biden, even though the agenda mentioned is a lie. The malgorithm has struck again!