Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Nazis in the Round.

Today's post may be a two parter. At this writing (early Saturday morning) who knows what will happen.

First some explanation. 

Pictured above is former president Bill Clinton and his voluminous motorcade, being greeted by one of Culver City's mayors. We have a weird rotation system that gives each council member a turn in the big seat. I never understood. My knowledge of politics is all federal.

The year is 1999 and they are standing on western edge of Carlson Park. The street behind him is Le Bourget Ave. That's my street. My house is off to the right side of the photo about 150 yards north. With a good a 7 iron I could have hit Bill from my yard. You know if I don't duck hook the ball or hit one of my ridiculous slices.

Trouble is, I was not there when President Bill paid our fair town a visit. We were on the island of Kauai, spending thousands of dollars for a vacation that my kids don't remember. You know, other than vaguely running down the hotel hallway to press the elevator buttons. Seriously, that's all they recollect. I could've whooshed them off to the local Allstate offices on Mid Wilshire and accomplished the same thing.

Anyway, Bill had an adoring crowd and the event made Culver City lore.

Well today (again it's Saturday for me) Carlson Park stands to make political history again. Because the Proud Boys -- and I've never understood what they're proud of -- are coming to town. Rumor has it they have a small rally planned in our tiny park that measures 1/4 mile in circumference.

When word got out that they were coming, I was initially tempted to whip out the aforementioned 7 iron and walk down to the park to stir things up. Then I remembered I still have a bum hip. And haven't been bench pressing lately. And have a well maintained portfolio that any smart GOP lawyer (an oxymoron) could relieve me of. 

Also, and perhaps more importantly, what would I be accomplishing? 

The sad truth is we live among idiots. Hateful, privileged, myopic, ill-informed idiots who yearn not for democracy and a multitude of voices but for authoritarianism and a blowhard Daddy figure who promises to make things right again but has no idea how to do it. And in the case of TFG, was too fucking lazy to do any real work.

I know from arguing with these braindead numbnuts that facts, logic, empathy, and vision, are all like a bowl of broccoli to them. They won't go near it. Preferring instead, a deep fried corn dog slathered with ice cream and topped with a dollop of willful ignorance.

That is not to say that I won't be hooking up my 75 lbs. dog Lucy to her most intimidating leash and collar and strolling by with my iPhone Camera set to Burst, for a close up look at the Munich rally, circa 2021.

Stay Tuned.


Monday evening update: The Proud Boys never got a permit to come to Culver City. And the chickenshit Brown-Shirt wannabes scurried away at the last minute. Apparently they showed up somewhere else. No more than two dozen cosplay losers, flexing their biceps and shouting in unison, "Fuck Antifa." I looked for the video online but could not find it. I guess it didn't merit anyone's attention. But then testosterone-fueled Red Hats never do.


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