Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Shitgibbon Gambit

This is Vladimir Putin.

He is a former Lt. Colonel in the vaunted KGB, Russia's foreign intelligence officer, where he served for 16 years. He speaks fluent German. He has a black belt in judo, samba and karate. He has a law degree. And is schooled in the way of the world.

In short, he is a cunning, knowledgable and often times brutal statesman capable of playing the short and long game of geopolitics. 

In other words, he is the polar opposite of our former president -- a laughable dolt on the world stage. Or any stage, particularly those in Tulsa.

If you were to pit these two against each other in a game of chess, or a hundred games of chess, Putin would win a million times.

And so when political pundits begin speculating about the alleged pee-pee tape or some other shady escapade that transpired on Russian soil, I find myself laughing. Not only at the alleged antics, I mean who doesn't find the notion of hiring top shelf hookers to pee on a bed amusing. But also because it's such a red herring.

Putin never needed to blackmail ex Precedent Shitgibbon. Nor did he need to collude with him. Though anyone who has read Volume One of the Mueller report knows that took place. And Volume Two, where the special counsel documents 10 cases of Obstruction of Justice, is even more damning.

Nevertheless, all Putin needed to do was to manipulate the forces at hand: the racial divide in this country, the wealth inequality, the legendary American illiteracy, and the ascendance of social media, to install the dumbest, most incompetent, most narcissistic self destructive man on earth to the highest office in the land. 

The rest would take care of itself.

And it did. 

* An Insurrection that almost toppled the country

* States are now openly discussing secession

* Raging culture war that now threaten local school board meetings

* Allies see the US as a weakened, untrustworthy player

* 78% of Republicans believe the election was stolen (despite NO EVIDENCE)

* 30% of Americans refusing a life saving vaccine

* Active preparation to incite another Insurrection

To top it all off, millions of brainwashed, brain dead Americans are already preparing to re-install this hair-challenged Russian stooge back in office in 2024. 

Putin got all the he could have hoped for. And so much more.


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