Monday, October 25, 2021

Get that Honey money


Last week one of my colleagues suggested I consider a career as a creative recruiter. Probably because of my vast industry experience, my easygoing nature and my superior people skills which are known throughout the biz.

But here's the less tongue-in-cheek reason...

There's a job opening at Honey for a Senior Writer. As you might expect for someone who has been around the sun 44 times, I know a lot of senior writers in this business. 

Mostly because I've worked, in some capacity or other, for every ad agency in Los Angeles, with the possible exception of 72 & Sunny (sorry gents, I have no desire to work until 5 in the morning, I barely make it to 5 in the afternoon.)

Also, because of this blog, I've been exposed to senior writers and senior art directors and cranky creative directors in all parts of this country. 

I believe people are drawn here and even more so to my friend George Tannenbaum's blog, because they appreciate someone giving voice to their collective vocational gripes. And there are many.

Neither George or I have ever shied away from that. You might chalk that up to our common secular Hebraic background, our common birthplace (the Bronx), our common familial situation (father of two grown daughters) and our shared experience of eating waaaay too many bowls of corporate bullshit.

In any case, back to my original point, there's a job opening at Honey. 

There's also a generous referral fee for any employee who successfully lures a new employee to the fold. 

And so I've been combing through my mental Rolodex (you kids go look that up on The Google) and loading up my colleague's inbox with a heaping helping of senior writers who are either tired of the freelance grind or fed up with holding company agency devolvement. 

I want that free money. Particularly now that the health insurance company has declined to cover a specific life saving drug for my wife's illness -- maybe I'll cover the sad state of American Healthcare in this country later this week.

In short, this is a great opportunity to join a creative department with stellar credentials including folks from the aforementioned 72 & Sunny, BBDO, Goodby and Chiat/Day. It's a company that lives at the crossroads of creative branding and data driven performance. 

Best of all, at least from my point of view, the work is done remotely. So you can practice your "craft" in the comfort of your own pajamas and skip regular bathing and hygiene routine until that raises the ire of your significant other.

If you're interested shoot me a note at

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