Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Read this Book

Apologies to Bob Woodward and to Robert Costa, for giving away the last two ominous words of the book. And apologies to anyone reading this blog with the intention of reading this book. However, I suspect if you plan on reading Peril, you already know the fragile state of our Republic.

If I had my druthers, and I rarely do, the book would have been trimmed by half. I don't need to know the inner machinations of how Biden's campaign was in trouble and was rescued at the last minute by South Carolina Representative Jim Clyburn.

Nor did I need to follow the travails of Biden in the early days of his presidency and his push to get the Recovery Act passed, with the help of obstructionist and grandstanding Joe Manchin.

I know Joe Biden and his team are competent, thoughtful leaders who have the best interest of the country,  not their bank accounts, in their hearts.

In a word or two, They're boring. Boring in that most refreshing America is back kind of way.

The rest of the book, the juicy parts, is about how ex Precedent Shitgibbon fucked this country over and came within a merkin's hair breadth of destroying it. And the brutal behind the scenes berating of Vice President Mike Pence to deny the certification of the electoral votes on January 6th, is both scary and heart pounding.

The election wasn't stolen. 

But it almost was.

The denial of the certification was based on a memo written by Constitutional Crackpot Trump Loyalist, John Eastman. It was predicated on the notion that 7 states had "questionable" election results. Leaving the eligible electoral votes in favor of Trump but short of the 270 needed for the presidency. That, in accordance to the Constitution, would have thrown the entire election to the states, who would be given one vote each. And given the 26 red states outnumbered the 24 much larger and more populous blue states, a Trump victory would have been announced on January 7th.

And what made the election results in those 7 states "questionable"? The toxic fucking ego of a sore loser who could not and would not accept the will of 81 million exhausted and dispirited people.

There was no evidence. There is no evidence. 

There were no bamboo fibers in the ballots.

No dead people voting.

No phony mail in votes.

No forged signatures

No switching of votes by corrupted Dominion voting machines.

No 165,000 dead chickens stuffed with Trump ballots and then incinerated to hide the evidence.

There was NOTHING!

And Rudy Giuliani, the morally bankrupt lawyer who famously called himself America's Mayor, testified to that effect. Telling lawyers under oath in a deposition this week that the only reason he thought the election was rigged was because he read it on Facebook!!! And the only reason he read it on Facebook was because he and his team spoon-fed that twice digested horse manure to his brain dead followers 24/7. 

And yet, he persisted.

The damage this fucker and his GOP enablers have foisted on this country is unfathomable. If Red Hats won't or can't recognize this then Woodward and Costa are more than right, the peril remains.

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