Monday, October 26, 2020

The Circle of Strife

The Circle of Strife.

I rarely use the headline of the post as the first line in the post, but on this occasion I will because I'm that pleased with myself. Pardon the indulgence. We'll get back to real writing, real funny writing shortly. In fact, I feel like it will be here momentarily. 

It's ready.

It's coming.

It's just around the corner.

Ahh, by now you see I've been mimicking the stall tactics of our favorite, Commander Assnapkin. Think about it, how often have you heard him say, "we're gonna have a big, beautiful healthcare plan, very shortly"? You've heard many, many times because he has said it many, many times.

Brian Williams of MSDNC put together a supercut of the president lying about healthcare that dates back to 2017. At the risk of being redundant, the clip went on for close to 90 seconds. And every time, it was posited, it was getting closer and closer. 2 weeks ago, while talking with Chris Wallace he said it was ready.

If it was ready why not show it us, particularly now with the polls showing him lower than Jeffrey Dahmer, Attila the Hun, Adolf Hitler and Lucifer? 

Ahh, but the astute Red Hat will argue, why roll it out now, when it will only get rejected by Nancy Pelosi and her hoard of communists? Quick aside -- it is fascinating to me to see a puppet president, installed by Vladimir Putin, the former head of the Soviet Union's KGB, label others as communist. 


And it is true, unless this new big beautiful plan was magically better than the current ACA, the democrats would likely reject it. Begging the question, why wasn't the plan rolled out when the GOP had the White House, the Senate and the toadie-filled house?

The more important point I wanted to make was how this is so revealing of Grandpa's Ramblemouth's Modus Operandi. He has never built anything. Never worked on anything. Never delivered on anything. And, more to the point, never paid for anything. 

He only promises to do all of the above. And then the stalling kicks in.

Ask the unpaid architects who designed the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. 

Ask the empty-handed painters who painted his shitbag hotels.

Ask the creditors and the banks who got pennies on the dollar because this inveterate liar has stiffed them for millions of dollars in unpaid notes.

The past is prologue. He pretended to be a billionaire so he could become president. And now he wants four more years of being president so he can use the office to make himself a billionaire.

There is no other agenda.

Just like there is no new healthcare plan.

Just like there is no check in the mail.


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