Wednesday, October 28, 2020

On the shriveling nature of American Masculinity

If you were to get binary about it, there are two types of people in America during Covid -19: people who wear masks, and Maskholes. 

If you were to ask a Maskhole why (or she) does not wear a mask, as suggested by the CDC and in furtherance of the goal to reduce the spread of coronavirus, you would begin to peal away at the bank vault thick layers of stupidity that have corroded the brains of 60 million of our fellow Americans. 

To begin with, you'd discover a heretofore unknown world of dimestore science. Taken not from the recognized bastions of advanced immunology like the New England Journal of Medicine and the Mayo Clinic, but from strip mall chiropractors who know how to upload videos on YouTube and are apparently well connected in the deep dark denizens of Gab and Parlor. 

"Masks lead to carbon dioxide poisoning."

"Masks create mental disease."

"Masks are a violation of my Constitutional rights."

Each of these lame arguments are laughable in their own right. 

And more often than not they are spoken by the same clowns who often sat at the back of science class in high school and couldn't be bothered with learning about photosynthesis, compound molecules, or evolution. 

Though in hindsight, many of these mouth breathers are walking talking demonstrations that man has not evolved and in many cases has all the intellect of a clever capuchin monkey.

But what amuses me most is how the wearing of the mask has been sexualized. Much the way the pink pussy hat was demonized in 2017. I've had Trumpsters troll my Facebook profile and then demand to know why a grown heterosexual man would be wearing a pink pussy hat.

I wore the hat as a lark. And because I believe my wife, her three sisters, my two daughters, my nieces and my cousins, deserve equality and respect. If you believe that somehow makes me a "less of a man", that's your issue not mine. 

And the same goes for the mask. I can't tell you how many times my masculinity has been questioned or used as some kind of cudgel to make a point about machismo. Good night nurse! Are these people terminally locked in a high school locker room? 

If you're looking for male weakness why not start at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the wussy who called our veterans "suckers and losers" and wouldn't even stand up to Vladimir Putin about election interference or bounties on our soldier's heads. 

That's some world class pussiness.

These Neandarthals are so wrapped up in their own fragility and one dimensional definition of masculinity they can't help but to display their infantilized perceptions of the world on a public social media platform. 

We have devolved from what once was the Greatest Generation, characterized by rugged individualism, intellectual maturity and world leading self sacrifice to the Lamest Generation of insecure, intolerant, and ineducable asshats who see a mask as an indication of weakness, femininity and communist inclination.

Fuck them and fuck their embarrassing incapacity for critical thinking.

The science fiction movie IDIOCRACY was set in the year 2505. And though it was wildly accurate, I'd suggest the year was wrong by 485 years.



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