Monday, October 19, 2020

"It's a 6 star resort Bob."

There's a point in Bob Woodward's new book, RAGE, where Precedent Shitgibbon has invited the author down to Mara Lago. 

Why he would extend such hospitality and warmth to a seasoned journalist who had previously ripped the president a new escape hole for his digested KFC chicken wings, I'll never know. But then there's so much about this walking fleshbag of malevolence I will never understand.

As they make their way over the grounds, meticulously landscaped and tended to by undocumented workers from Guatemala, they reach a foyer where Captain Ouchie Foot proudly directs Woodward's attention to a plaque on the wall.

"Check this out, Bob. Mara Lago is the only 6 star private country club/resort in the world. In the world." 

Woodward grins. Bites his tongue about telling the president there's no such thing as a 6 star resort. And makes a mental note to himself: 

"Oh this guy is a major fucking loon and has totally created his own fantasy world. This is going in the book."

That's just 2 pages in an opus of 426 pages detailing the colossal clusterfuck we all find ourselves living in.

I'm only half way through the appropriately titled book and I can tell you I've never been so angry or disheartened in my life. Sure there's an election coming up. And yes, he is way down in the polls. But if you believe Woodward and his well documented tales of dysfunction and deceit, you know that is all meaningless.

Because this hogbellied flapdragon has at his disposal ALL the levers of government. And when it comes to pushing his agenda or serving his eternal money grubbing purpose, he will stop at nothing, not even an edict from the Supreme Court or the Constitution, to get what he wants. 

Not for America. but for himself.

Last week, someone on Twitter listed me among several giants as a digital warrior fighting this critical battle. And while it's true I have spent considerable time and energy in this fight, I have neither the gravitas nor the sizable platform to make any difference. All I've managed to do is piss off some miscreants from my high school who never cracked open a book and now see themselves as Qanon-fueled pundits with a PhD in Political Science.

But whatever I lack in credentials, or decorum, Bob Woodward has. In spades. 

For many of us, the book will be preaching to the choir. Though to hear and witness the cockwomblitude from inside the Oval Office and feel the frustration of Mattis, Tillerson, and McMaster firsthand is something else.

If you know a wavering Red Hat, make them read this book. Or, if they can't read -- and that's a distinct possibility -- get them the audiobook. 

Or simply read it to them before they go to sleep.  

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