Thursday, October 29, 2020

All the Rage

I know you don't come here for book reports, but I'm going to share one with you anyway. Because with less than a week before the most important election of our lifetime, a country-saving election, I believe this book is a Must Read.

Particularly if you are among the 60 million people who sport the dreaded Red Hat.

I have spent the better part of the last 4 years raging against this monster. And make no mistake he is a colossal monster, a toxic flesh bag filled with ignorance, incompetence and psychopathic narcissism. 

I have laid out irrefutable facts concerning our current state of being, including:

* Our second GOP Recession in 12 years

* 3.1 trillion dollar annual deficit (highest ever in recorded US history)

* 7.2 trillion added to our US debt (also the highest in US history)

* 8 million cases of coronavirus (highest on the planet)

* More than 225, 000 Americans taking the Covid Dirt Nap. (a number that will soon soar)

And yet there are the stubborn (see cult membership) ones who will not give an inch and pledge their undying and dying support of this fishbrained fuckknuckle.

Through it all, I have heard the common refrain that, "You're just brainwashed by the MSM, the mainstream media." When asked for what media they choose to read, or more accurately, watch, because they don't read, they will cite sources that have little or nothing in the way of credentials.

Well Bob Woodward has credentials. And I have to believe even the most stubborn GOP stalwart would have to agree. Or maybe not. But there can be no doubt that he is an American treasure and literally defines the nature of investigative journalism.

For reasons that bewilder me, and indeed bewildered Woodward, Commander Assnapkin granted him unprecedented presidential access. Moreover, almost every one of the interviews and telephone calls have been captured on tape.

In other words, the book is factual. And it is unbiased as a Journalist with a capital J can possibly be.

So any of the Deep State bullshit holds no water here.

As I told my daughters last week while we were busy mailing postcards to voters in swing states, Democracy is not a spectator sport. It requires active participation. Likewise, voting is not to be taken glibly, it requires research, decision making and it is responsibility of all our fellow citizens. 

To that end, if you read one book this year -- normally this would be where I'd plug one of my four non bestsellers available on amazon -- make sure you read Rage. Read it this weekend. It's a fast and fascinating read.

Read Rage and you'll know firsthand the behind the scene antics of a clown who has no understanding of the office. 

A delusional silver spoon baby who claims he was "sailing, just sailing along, doing a great job", when in reality he wasn't doing the job at all. 

A craven, greedy, unAmerican Douchebiscuit who put his needs above yours, mine and ours. Correction, he never even acknowledged the needs of the country. Ever.

In short, and in the inimitable words of former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, "A FUCKING MORON!"

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