Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Advertising is back

Odd as it may seem, particularly when you consider the somewhat skeptical source, me, I believe the advertising industry is on its way back.

Indeed, we are witnessing its rebirth, in real time, right before our weary, let's-get-this-next-election-over-with eyes.

Of course I am referring to the meteoric rise of Mike Bloomberg.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a very stable genius to see that his skyrocketing brand recognition does not stem from his charismatic personality. Or his youthful vim and vigor. Or his stunning Aiden Brody good looks (why hasn't my big aquiline nose worked the same magic for me as it has for Mr. Brody?)

What has put Mr. Bloomberg on the map and what might put Mr. Bloomberg in the big chair at the Resolute Desk, after they steam clean it to wash away the immoral, craven residue of the previous user, is nothing less than advertising.

Driven in large part by TV advertising.
TV commercials, in all their glorious intervals, 60's, 30s and even 15s.

And if I may indulge in a little professional pandering, brilliant tv commercials, spearheaded by Hawkfish and a colleague and one time employer (freelance), Mr. William Gelner.

Have you seen the spots?

Of course you've seen the spots.

Thanks to another rebirth, the large TV media buy.

The campaign for Michael Bloomberg is inescapable. I see the commercials more often than I see the Pepto Bismettes singing "Heartburn, Nausea, Indigestion, Upset Stomach, Diarrhea."

The brilliance of the campaign is its laser focus on ousting our current slow-witted dictator. And, more strategically, how they have taken the words and actions of Captain Ouchie Foot and turned them on themselves.

This for example.

Moreover, Mr. Gelner and his team of skilled copywriters and art directors have barely scraped the fecal iceberg. The truth is, Grandpa Ramblemouth has been writing and working on the Bloomberg campaign for the past 3 &1/2 years.

Tweeting, speaking, and rambling on in incomplete sentences that prove beyond a shadow of doubt that he is monumentally unfit for office. Take my unpublished contribution for another example.

Additionally, the massive TV campaign has been augmented with an omnipresent footprint in social media. This, kids, is how you create synergy.

When Bloomberg ads show up in my FB or Twitter feed, they resonate. Not because some data mining kid named Quinn is spouting some bullshit about microtargeting and personalized messaging, but because these ads sit on the big broad shoulders of T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N.

Say it with me.

Should the campaign require any additional help, I am standing by at the keyboard. In fact I've already got the first line to 50 new TV commercials ready at the wait:


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