Monday, June 7, 2021

The One

Meet Shaini Candace Goodwin, aka the Dove of Oneness or the One of Doveness, does it really matter?

I suspect, as most readers of this blog are sane, rational human beings who come here for the snark and a dose of rational thinking in an irrational world, that you have never heard of her. I know I hadn't until I started trolling the Facebook Group: Kayleigh McEnany Fan Club page; a collection of nutters, fascists and no-rabbit-hole-is-deep-enough-to-bury-me-in conspiracy theorists.

I'll try to keep this as top line as possible.

Many of the folks on the KMFC page believe President Trump, and in their world he is STILL president, will be reinstated in the White House sometime in August. 

This is simply a rehash of previous broken promises. Remember it was all going to come to fruition on December 14th. Then again on January 6. Than again again on the day on the inauguration, when these braindead Red Hats thought black vans would sweep through DC and arrest every Democrat with a soul and a triple digit IQ.

Now the date is mid summer. And to back up their ridiculous, and thoroughly unconstitutional claim, they needed some rationale, you know to give their followers the necessary gravitas for this ridiculous pronouncement. And that's where NESARA/GESARA come in.

For those who don't know, like myself, NESARA stands for the National Economic Security and Recovery Act. GESARA is the same thing only on a Global basis. From what I could glean from this article, and keep in mind I have a third grader's understanding of the monetary systems, and crypto and all manners of currency, NESARA would be a a huge financial reset.

The thought is that while in office President Trump secretly signed this into law and it would be enacted if he lost the election. NESARA would effectively usher in a new crypto currency and the debt incurred by every American would be wiped out, including:


* Cars

* Jetskis

* Dirt bikes

* Home Brewery machines

* Winnebagos

* Four wheelers

* speedboats

* waterbeds

* Massaging barcaloungers

It's not all unlike the jock in high school who ran for student body council President promising Free Pizza and No Homework. In other words, it's easy to see why this harebrained notion would have great traction with the Red Hat brigade. 

Hell, if someone were to come in and remove all my debt, including the 700 bucks I spent on a stupid elliptical that doesn't ellip any more, I'd throw in with the schmuck.

And because the mother of Shaini Candace Goodwin, the Dove of Oneness, raised no fool, she has, like the cicadas exiting their burroughs, arisen from her 17 year dormancy and re-appeared to feed off the frenzy of fuckknuckle jackfuckery.

I might just have to dig into this NESARA thing a little more and see if I can establish email contact with the One of Doveness via my many fake email accounts.

Who should I be:

Dick Gozinya

Phil McCracken

Holden McGroyne

Boris Bitchyokokoff



Fucknuckle said...

Laughed OUT loud. Thank you for the gut wrenching howl. This piece was amazing (and again....hilarious) to read.....fucknuckle jackfuckery......great writer!!!

Skater J. said...

It was to be signed by Clinton, but never made it to congress

BradCrooks said...

Aren’t aliens somehow involved in this…