Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Book Review Part II

As the author of four very non-bestselling books it hardly makes sense for me to be out there pimping a book by two very well paid and respected authors. But as a very wise man, or wise woman, you never know with these well-worn maxims, once said, "A principle isn't a principle until it costs something." 

The principle here is that this book is a must read.

And so here I am, suggesting you part with $14.95 for this exhaustive compilation of Colonel Fuckknuckle stories that paint the picture of a very not stable genius, a "man/baby" who is one temper tantrum away from incinerating all of humanity and reducing our collective existence to a few trillion particles of space dust.

And that is no hyperbole.

Chances are you are familiar with many of the tales. Unless you're a Breitbart or Fox News aficionado, in which case you are more interested in the Christmas decorations created by our multilingual, Einstein-blessed first lady, Melanoma Trump.

But the authors, Rucker and Leonnig, paint an excruciatingly detailed look at these very troubling incidents. The three that stand out for me and demand your immediate attention are:

1. The Tank

2. The Pearl Harbor Visit

3. The Kirstjen Nielsen Imbrigolio

I was going to take the time to provide telling excerpts from the book to make my points. Then I remembered no one reads my political posts. And no one is paying for this. And those Harry's House of Catheter banner ads won't write themselves.

So, no. You'll have to do your own reading and your own research.

But there's a larger point to be had here.You see the authors are both Pulitzer Prize winners. Meaning they have that rarest commodity -- credibility.

And while Captain Ouchie Foot may use the bully pulpit to shout "FAKE NEWS, FOLKS" as he has done with all the other books that have documented the Pennsylvania Ave Shit Show. Not one of the associates named in this, or any other book, have cried foul.

Not one.

You would think that if any of them would have been misquoted or misattributed they would have booked a sofa spot on Fox & Friends and set the nation straight. But not one has, including:


I could list twenty more names but then I would be revealing my embarrassing familiarity with all things Trump and fuel the fire of my critics who claim I am suffering from TDS.

And perhaps I am.

But I am convinced the fate of our Republic now stands at DefCon1.

Furthermore, I believe after reading this book you will be convinced as well.

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