Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Be careful of what you wish for.

These words spring to mind, I should say they sprung to mind while hiking around the neighborhood and stepping over homeless encampments. My dog Lucy and I have been doing a lot of walking lately as I've been barred from any strenuous exercise pending doctor's approval -- hopefully, tomorrow morning.

In light of all the flipping activity in Georgia and more RICO co-defendants willing to testify that our former president did indeed engage in illegal and criminal activity to STEAL the 2020 election, there is sufficient reason to believe that he will be convicted of a crime. For at least one of the 91 criminal charges hanging over his gravity-defying aquanetted 'hair.' 

It's the accountability I have been longing for since his consequential descent on the golden elevator. And since I started bellowing "I told You So!!!" into the social media bullhorn, for oh so long.

But now I have to ask, "is accountability what we want?"  

Given what we know of him, his willingness to gin up his followers and their unholy, unrestrained worship of his ignorance, his incompetence and his scorched Earth narcissism, one wonders whether his accountability will signal the end of American democracy?  

With the Twitter arrow back in his quiver (Fuck you, Elon Musk), he will have free reign to fire up the tiny keys on his flip-phone and scream into the ears of 74 million Red Hats, "They didn't convict me, they convicted you."

What happens next could make the Insurrection of January 6th 2021 look like a schoolyard fight over a lunch money dispute. 

It's hard to believe that any president could make former president Nixon look like a mensch, but at least Tricky Dick had the wherewithal to spare us the trauma of a trial and incumbent stress it would put on the body politic. 

This orange pornstar-fucking, tax-cheating, fast-food gobbling, charity-robbing, classified-document hoarding pig will do nothing of the kind. Once the fire is lit and his fascist followers take to the streets, he will will revel in it. He will gorge on their fealty. And gleefully turn American verse American.

It will get unimaginably ugly.

Even if we were to somehow survive all that, there is little reason to believe The Rule of Law will.


Perhaps a front page obituary is a better wish.

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