Tuesday, May 5, 2020


What the hell is wrong with people?

Last week, the evening news was dominated by protests in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and even right here in Southern California at Huntington Beach, widely regarded as the state's intellectual capitol.

And what were these mental corn muffins protesting? The Shelter in Place orders from their state's governors. Orders, by the way, that were in accordance to Captain Ouchie Foot's Federal Guidelines written to specifically "flatten the curve" on the spread of coronavirus.

Why Shelter in Place or semi quarantining? Namely because our sad sack of shit government was caught with their pants around their ankles when they refused to move on the pandemic way back in 2019. They had no PPE, not enough ventilators and barely enough workable CV tests to cover about half the White House Staff.

In the words of our fearless leader, "The shelves and the cupboards were bare."

And instead of restocking those naked shelves, the twatwaffles in charge spent money on housing Secret Service members at Mara Lago so Colonel Fuckknuckle could work on his weekend golf game. Remember when he said, "I'll probably never play golf again. I'll be at the White House. There's so much work to do. No more golf for me."

Yeah, so much work.

The other reason for Shelter in Place or even full scale lockdowns, is because they work.

It's working in China. But perhaps you don't trust their people or their numbers, that's fair. But it's working in South Korea, our ally, where numbers of new cases have dropped off dramatically. And it's working in New Zealand, where they have all but eliminated Covid 19.

The data proves it.

Perhaps if our President knew how to read a pie chart as opposed to a pie menu, we'd have real enforceable Federal direction on this crisis of the century. Instead we have a clueless double jointed schmuck whose only discernible talent is the ability to endlessly pat himself on the back. All while gravediggers throughout the land dig 70,000 new 6 foot holes in the ground.

Normally, I don't need a reason to go off on a rant about Precedent Shitgibbon. Or even the addle-brained, gun toting, nation-splitting douchebiscuits who can listen to this clown ramble on about injecting Clorox Bleach into the lungs -- "you know, to clean them out" -- and think, "yeah, that's my guy."

But this is personal. I have an uncle in lockdown at his nursing facility. My brother has occasional asthma. And there are several members of my family who are immuno-compromised.

Back in the 40's my Scottish mother and her family were forced into the underground tunnels when the Germans did night raids. Residents were asked to turn off all the lights in all the apartment buildings. They all complied. They did what they had to do to thwart the enemy.

Today, about 75 years later, some yahoos are strapping on their AR-15's, raiding government buildings and crying about their inability to visit the local Cap N' Tap for a few brewskis and some tasty Pork Rind Filled Potato Skins.

This is someone's idea of Making America Great Again.

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