Monday, May 11, 2020

Business 101

My daughter has turned our warm home into a warehouse.

Allow me to explain.

Abby came home from Denver to shelter in place with us. She was working remotely from Denver and figured she could just as easily shelter in place from LA. And get to see the empty 405 Freeway, in a way few people ever have.

When her work day concluded her second work day began. She decided to teach herself how to silkscreen T-shirts and such and started making her own designs that reflected the surreal times we are all enduring.

There's the crying heart design (seen above.) The Cry Together design. The Fallen Ice Cream Cone design. And the very popular Be Sad design. Her mother and I thought no one is going to want to wear one of those. Her mother and I were wrong.

And for the past two weeks Abby has been traumatized (perhaps too strong a word) about issues of under supply, demand and distribution.

In other words, she got a first class Masters Class in how business is done.

It's a shame our shit-for-brains president never learned the same lessons. After witnessing the current Covid Clusterfuck, is it any wonder he single-handedly bankrupted 6, maybe 7, maybe 23 -- who knows how many -- companies he ever laid one of his tiny vulgar fingers on?

Last week for instance, he agreed to do an interview with ABC's David Muir. I can't and won't sit down and watch this clueless flap dragon flap his lips with all the articulation of a sugar powdered second grader. The ten second highlight clips are enough to make my heart race as if I had spent an hour on the stair machine.

DAVID: Is it fair to say we got caught under-prepared, with not enough supplies and PPE to properly deal with the coronavirus?

SHIT-FOR-BRAINS: No, that's not fair. When I took over, the shelves were bare. There was nothing. The shelves were bare. Even military. Those shelves were bare. The generals would come up to me and say, "Sir, we have no ammunition."

DAVID: That was three and a half years ago. Why didn't you re-stock the shelves you say were empty?

SHIT-FOR-BRAINS: Well...I had a lot going. A lot.

Cut to Rich picking jaw up off ground.

The suggestion that the CDC and the Health Department were left with empty shelves when Obama exited the White House is preposterous. Did he and Michelle load up all the inventory and sell it on the black market all in an effort to make the new schmuck look bad? Ask a Qanon freak or someone from the Red Hat Brigade and I'm sure you'd find some believers.

Even more outrageous is the contention that the world's greatest superpower, a nation that spends more money on military hardware, jets, tanks, and a panoply of other killing machines, was left on January 21, 2017 with no bullets, no missiles, no bombs, no way to defend the free world because the "shelves were empty" is just fucking insulting.

Moreover, if you buy this horsecockery, I suggest you pour yourself a strong Clorox cocktail. You know, to clean out the cobwebs in your brain.

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