Wednesday, May 6, 2020

It's not delivery but it's halfway decent.

I'm not too proud to say that I'm a pizza snob. Always have been. Always will be.

However I think most native New Yorkers can make that claim. And rightfully so.

I was born in the Bronx, near Jerome Ave. My parent's apartment, which was also my grandparent's apartment, was directly over a candy store. Next door to the candy store, which are now called bodegas, was a pizza joint.

It might have been Ray's. Or Tony's. Or Mario's. Or even Paulie's. If you're familiar with Goodfellas, you know from Ray Liotta's play by play narration, almost everyone of Italian lineage is named Paulie.

When we moved to Jackson Heights in bucolic Queens -- anything compared to the Bronx is bucolic -- there were pizza joints on every corner. I dare say they were more prevalent that today's Starbucks.

And equally so when we shuffled further east to live in upscale Flushing -- anything compared to Jackson Heights is upscale. There, too, were more pizza parlors than you could shake a jar of crushed of hot red peppers at.

But that was long ago, when you could snag a slice for 50 cents and a Coke for another quarter.

Now, we are living through Trump's Pandemic. That's right I'm giving him exclusive ownership of this fucking debacle. And if you'd like to argue the point we can start with his stepping up to the podium and claiming, "I take no responsibility at all." 

W R O N G .

You are wholly responsible.

So where does DiGiorno pizza come into all this? The same way any food stuff comes into our house. Very carefully.

We're not big on take out lately. The waits are too long. And there's always the nagging suspicion that the restaurant folks preparing the food are not as rigorous in their cleaning, swiping and mask wearing as we are.

So last week, we stocked the freezer with a few DiGiorno pizzas. My expectations were Gotham low. But as the crust began to rise, as promised, so did my appetite.

I'm not going to sit here and rave about DiGiorno pizza. Suffice to say, it wasn't half bad. The cheese was good. The pepperoni with thick. And the crust, not crisp and thin so one could do the Brooklyn fold, was tasty. All in all. It was better than expected.

And during these dark days, when expectations are at once in a lifetime lows, that says a lot.

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Théo said...

I am a recent convert to these pizzas.
Sometimes they are 2 for $11 at CVS and with "extra bucks" it can be a lot less.
I break them in half while still frozen and just cook half a pizza. The entire pizza is over 2100 calories.