Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The Illuminati Bitcoin Chronicles

When we last left our Illuminati adventure, my "handler" Michael John, agreed to accept Bitcoin as payment for my Illuminati Initiation items which included many oddities that could only be purchased in Africa.

Naturally, I jumped on the opportunity to use my cryptocurrency.

I attached a receipt to prove my good intentions. Hint: I just screen grabbed one off the internet and doctored it up. I also intentionally changed one letter in the long recipient code.

You can imagine his frustration and anger when the money did NOT arrive.


You can sense the steam erupting from his ears.

So now I let out a little line and let the hook sink in deeper.

Clearly, our story has taken a turn. And I have introduced a new character, a completely fictional character. So to keep this all crystal clear, I have prepared a diagram that will help you the reader follow along.

Michael Jean, my Illuminati Guy, is not happy the money went to another Nigerian. He doesn't care about the $125. He wants his money. Can you blame him?

Unfortunately, that money has already been spent.

The only way this can possibly be resolved would be if Michael Jean somehow reached out to Pastor Mantu Abraham. But that would never happen. Or would it?

Tune in next week when Michael Jean writes an email to Mantu Abrahim and pleads with him to give up the $125.

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