Friday, September 28, 2018

Fuck You Flake

To acknowledge the volcano-hot anger raging throughout the country, much of it directed towards this asswaffle, I'm reposting the Jeff Flake letter that I wrote way back in February.

Just before my birthday.

Just before I turned 44.



Senator Jeff Flake
Senate Russell Office Building 413
Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Senator,

Another swing and a miss. 

Two days ago you stood on the floor of the US Senate to express your outrage (if you can call it that) over the recent remarks of Precedent Shitgibbon. The cameras never panned around to see whom you were addressing, but I know none of your GOP colleagues were in attendance. 

So your captive audience included some Georgetown interns (Fuck Georgetown, Go Syracuse) and a tiring Chuck Schumer, who was slouched in his chair more focused on his lunch deli meat selection than your passionless pleas. And who can blame him? 

This show of yours is old. And boring. And from all accounts will not be picked up for next year. 

Nor should it.

You're all talk. Actually, you're less than all talk. You're an empty suit clinging to the hope that history will somehow judge you better when the Mueller train comes sweeping through and cleans up the massive Republican corruption and complicity.

Here's a clue, it won't. 

Fancy words about treason, race baiting and proper presidential manners aside, you've done nothing but enable this sorry sack of maggot-infested rotting flesh. You voted to buy yachts and mansions for insurance company executives by siding with Precedent Shitgibbon on the healthcare disaster. 

And you were right there, by the side of Senators Cruz, Cornyn and Risch, when it came time to eliminate the estate tax and make permanent cuts for multi-billion dollar corporations while taking Hamburger Helper off the table of Joe Sixpack and Betty Bottle O'bourbon.

If anyone is treasonous it's you.

You occupy the office of a US Senator.

You take home the pay of a US Senator.

You get to take the floor posing as a US Senator.

You were elected to represent the people as a US Senator.

But you do none of that. 

You're as useless as a mannequin posing by the CD machines at the Sears in the Phoenix Town and Country Mall, which was shuttered in 2015.

Go away.

Also, Fuck you.


Rich Siegel
Culver City, CA 90232

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