Tuesday, March 27, 2018

On the cheap

You can say a lot about the current administration of Precedent Shitgibbon. I know, because I have.

But there's one thing, and this is especially pertinent in the aftermath of last Sunday's 60 Minutes interview with professional leg spreader Stormy Daniels, that needs to be said.

This current lot of losers who occupy the White House are cheap.

I don't mean stingy, thrifty cheap. Being half Jewish/half Scottish, that is something I'm well aware of. Indeed I have spent the last 44 years trying to put some distance between the way I want to live and my parsimonious genetic disposition.

I'm talking about cheap in terms of being tawdry.
Gimcrack -- that's a new word (thank you online thesaurus.)

And I would posit that's it's why so many people find this frothy blowhard so unprecedential (misspelling intentional.) Let's take the numerous misspellings that seem to pop up not only in his stubby fingered tweets but also on many White House documents.

I may not be the right person to bring this up, this blog is chock full of typos. As my wife and various regular readers so quickly point out. But this is a throwaway blog and not the official voice of the most powerful office on the god-damned planet.

Where is the professionalism one would expect and normally associate with the office of the president? Shouldn't the people there be the best of the best? And what kind of empty-headed hugger mugger doesn't know it's the Marine Corps not the Marine Core?

Of course, the shoddiness goes beyond how he says things, it's what he says as well.

He attacks the free press and cheapens the 1st Amendment.

He attacks the judicial system and cheapens the Rule of Law.

He attacks the intelligence communities and cheapens the sacrifices of FBI and CIA officers who have laid down their lives for this country.

He is not alone, his "best people" are also trashing up the place.

Buying a $31,000 dining room set doesn't make Ben Carson classy, it makes him classless. Nor does Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke's $141,000 door. Or Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin's million dollar expenditures on military flights.

I would say it cheapens the respect these officials have for the American people, but the truth is they have none. Hey Marie Antoinette, "hold my beer."

And yet for all their contemptible, unscrupulous and unsavory behavior, they get a pass from the 35% base and their Republican hostages in the Congress. Why? Because Joe Sixpack and Betty Bagodonuts are seeing an additional $5.93 in every biweekly paycheck.

You're a cheap date America, a very cheap date.

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