Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Face Book Burning

Fuck Facebook.

And Fuck the snowflake that reported one of my recent postings to the Zuckerberg Gestapo who summarily banned me from their precious platform for 24 hours.

I'm sure some of my Facebook friends were thankful for the respite from my seemingly non stop tirades against our current Uberfuhrer. And to be honest it was nice to take a break and commit my time to more important things in life like the Syracuse/Duke regional semi-final.

And the accumulation of dog poop in my backyard that needed to be snagged and bagged.

Nevertheless, I'm still stinging from the online censorship. Particularly perturbed by the irony which has apparently escaped our Facebook overlords.

The post in question came from my blog. You can see it here. I won't post the accompanying picture lest I risk another trip to the free speech klink.

Apparently the sight of a white trash militia man holding up a swastika-emblazoned flag is all it takes to earn you demerit points with the Facebook gatekeepers, who by the way do not have a problem with posts that are vehemently antisemitic (I'm looking at you brainwashed BDS schmucks) nor political ads fashioned by the Russian FSB and their Shitgibbon counterparts at Cambridge Analytica.

What is most upsetting and most indicative of the superficial news gathering we are all guilty of, is the fact that the post was not promoting fascism. It was denouncing it. In the most demonstrative way possible.

I'm guessing the kids at Facebook never even bothered to read the post.

Which makes this all so, so meta.

I used the image of a swastika to call attention to a piece I wrote warning us all about the rising tide of Fascism and the marginalization of our rights to free speech.

And in turn the piece was banned by a social media platform that aided the candidate who has restoked the flames of totalitarianism.

And now I'm turning that all on its head by using that same incident to fight fire with fire.

Part of me hopes to get banned again.

Let's dance, Zucky.

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Michael Deane said...

As someone who has been banned from Twitter permanently and without explanation, I say wear it as a badge of honor.