Thursday, February 1, 2018

Then there's this Asshole

Last week, I committed myself to writing and sending a letter to each of our inept, enabling Republican US Senators who are complicit with the current ugly iteration of the Fourth Reich.

I have no delusions about receiving any response from these entitled and criminal clowns. But given my rising blood pressure and witnessing the collapse of our country in slow motion necessitated some physical form of release.

I choose to put pen in hand and take these assnuggets to Rhetorical PoundTown.

Last week , in a further testament to his soaring integrity, special counsel Robert Mueller released more texts between FBI officials who were removed from the current investigation. In one of those texts, an agent jokingly suggested the Trump campaign be brought up at the next meeting of the secret society.

Of course, there is no secret society.

And even if there was, a lifelong FBI agent with expertise in the intelligence gathering field would not be texting about it. Nor would they be so unimaginative as to call it a "secret society."

None of that stopped Wisconsin jizzbiscuit Ron Johnson from hunting down the nearest working TV camera and ginning up the now debunked story for his khaki pants wearing, tiki torch carrying followers.

Fuck you Ron and the Wisconsin cheese wheel you rolled in on.


Théo said...

Didn't his name used to be Yon?

Carl Sandburg: (too quiet)

Concerned Citizen said...

love it.