Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Say hello to Occam

I'm ashamed to admit it but I didn't come to Occam's Razor until a very late point in my life, maybe I was 43.

As it is fundamental to any curriculum in logic or philosophy, I should have learned of it in college -- some 20 years ago -- but I have a sneaky suspicion I was stoned, or drunk, or both, at the time.

For those of you who are still unfamiliar, and in deference to the principle itself, I will keep the explanation exceedingly brief.

Occam's Razor is reductionism in action. If I were to boil it down, it simply states that the simplest explanation for a phenomena is quite probably the most truthful.

Anecdotally, it gives us the following:

Occam's Razor asks, if there is a Deep State of Obama/Clinton puppets pulling all the strings of our government, why is Precedent Shitgibbon, President Shitgibbon?

Occam's Razor asks, if Russia was colluding with Hillary Clinton, who it seems single handedly gave them the Uranium One deal, why did they put all their efforts to electing Captain Fuckknuckle?

Occam's Razor asks, if the smartest, brightest most well informed scientists on the planet tell us there is Global Warming does that make the deniers of Global Warming the dumbest, dimmest, least informed people on the planet?

Occam's Razor asks, wouldn't the country with the most guns per capita and the most gun violence per capita want to emulate, or at least learn from, the countries with the least guns per capita and consequently the least gun violence per capita?

Occam's Razor asks, if it takes fives teams of junior creatives two weeks to come up an advertising campaign and it takes one team of seasoned veterans one week to come up with three viable advertising campaigns, why am I home day drinking and watching Maury Povitch?

Occam's Razor asks, If I religiously lift weights 6 days a week, eat massive amounts of protein, cut down on all packaged food items, why do I still look like the Before picture in every weight loss infommercial?

I could go on, but...

Occam's Razor asks if no one is reading this blog why continue writing this blog?



george tannenbaum said...

I'm reading. That's something. BTW, readership, in my ten years' experience goes up and down. Sometimes your funniest post gets no readers and something dopey gets 10,000. You can't tell. So you keep going.

tzacatzac said...

I read it. And it's good. So good that I'm going to quote it elsewhere, with attribution.

And since I'm nobody, you can honestly say that yes, Nobody read it.

Anonymous said...

I also read. I just started but I've worked my way back to here already. I'll keep going too.