Thursday, February 8, 2018

Fuck You Flake

We're already at Week #3 in my Thrasher Thursday series, wherein I take the time to write and physically send an old school letter to one of the 52 Republican Senators who are now complicit in our freefall into Fascism.

Today, we're addressing Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona.

You might recall, Jeff was the ONLY republican Senator who took Precedent Shitgibbon to task for calling his Democratic colleagues treasonous. The ONLY one. That's how far we, and our standards of decorum, have sunk.

But before we go throwing the Flakester a parade, let's take the time to remember his so-called integrity has the all the lasting power of a snowflake in Tucson. Oh Jeffy loves to make a big show for the cameras, but when the rubber has to meet the road he votes a straight Captain Fuckknuckle ticket.

Frankly I have more respect for someone who makes no attempt at any duplicity. A senator who owns his stupidity and does not disguise his evil agenda. Someone like Senator Grasseley or Cornyn.

They're gonna hear from me too. But first, lets deal with Senator Jeff Flakey Flake.

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