Monday, February 5, 2018

On the Nunes Meme

I wasn't planning on writing about the Nunes Meme  -- misspelling intentional -- frankly, I didn't think I had too. I suspect most of the 8 regular readers who show up here are residents of the same political echo chamber and would likewise find a rebuttal unnecessary.

But on the off chance you know, or run into, someone who peddles this horsecockery from Fresno's favorite son, I thought I'd delve in. Because, as it turns out, picking that meme apart is easier than passing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment Test.

In a feat of monumental reductiveness Nunes, I should say the Nunes staff, as he has admitted that he never read the 50 page FISA document, has reduced and summarized the warrant to a simple 3 & 1/2 pages.

Allow me to reduce it even further.

His point, muddied as it is, states that the warrant was illegally obtained because it was based solely on the Steele Dossier, a file that he fails to mention was initiated by a conservative Republican outfit before it was resold to the DNC.

Furthermore he states this was done at the behest of people who were conspiring to fool these longstanding judges in order to take down the candidacy of one Donald J. Fuckknuckle. This is laughable, at best. If, as Nunes and his genii colleagues like Rep. Jordan, Gaetz and Gowdy contend, there were some conspiracy to spoil the Shitgibbon presidential victory, why didn't they go to the press with news of an ongoing FBI investigation?

The argument should end right there.

In essence they're saying that Comey, Mueller and Rosenstein (all Republicans, by the way) were smart enough to  fool a FISA judge BUT were not bright enough to leak the story out. To CNN? To the Washington Post? Hell, they could have put it on Reddit.

Which brings me to my second point.

From my understanding, and mind you I only took one Civics course in college, though I venture to say that was more time studying our system of checks and balances than either the dunce from Fresno or Colonel Combover ever did. Getting a FISA warrant is no rubber stamp process. It's not like getting a fishing license. It's a multi-step process that is both rigorous and heavy on Constitutional compliance.

I know this from listening to former federal prosecuting attorneys empaneled by CNN and MSNBC. I'll take their expertise on the matter over a bunch of ex-sorority girls on Fox News, even if they did have the highest cookie bake sales in the entire history of Alpha Phi.

Finally, there's the subject of the warrants, Mr. Carter Page.

Have you heard about this asshat? He lived in Moscow for three years. He was actively recruited by Russian FSB agents. And he was named one of five top foreign advisors to the Shitgibbon team. That team of five also included George Pappadopolous, who has pleaded guilty to federal charges and is now cooperating fully with Bob Mueller.

Ask yourselves this. If Hillary Clinton were president and you found out one of her top five foreign advisors spoke fluent Russian and had multiple contacts with Russian intelligence agents, wouldn't you want him followed? Moreover, wouldn't you be questioning the people who hired this jizzbiscuit?

If all that doesn't tell you enough about this Russian mole, perhaps this will....

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