Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Front Page

Finally got around to watching the SAG screener of The Post.

I know other friends and family had a less than enthusiastic reaction to the movie, I didn't. I loved it. Despite the typical hamhanded direction of Mr. Spielberg and all the hallmarks of his filmmaking: the soaring John Williams soundtrack, the forced staging and the squeaky clean art direction. Hell, if you're doing a 60's period piece, does every car have to look like it was rented from a local vintage car show?

I was smitten by the subject matter. And no doubt swayed by my renewed love affair with newspapers.

I'll admit I had become a victim of the digital age and did my news gathering via the the internet. That's a fool's game as my Facebook newsfeed -- yours as well -- is chock full of bad news sources. And it's only recently that I've compiled a list of sources that I no longer read:,,, etc.

I pay them little attention. I wish others were more discerning.

Instead, I've renewed my subscription to the LA Times and took an additional one to the NY Times. And having viewed this movie, will probably sign on to the Washington Post.

I'm well aware that these media sources have an agenda. They are not immune from putting a certain slant on what they report. I also believe that after 44 years on this earth I have developed a nose for false claims and half truths.

But these newspapers have something the folks at Breitbart, Fox News and the Gateway Pundit, don't have: Pulitzer Prizes. They could amass 100 million regular viewers and billions of dollars in ad revenue, but Sean Hannity and Steve Douchebaggery from Fox & Friends, will never be asked to don a tuxedo and take home an award for journalist excellence.


And regardless of what Shitgibbon says, standards of excellence matter. Facts matter. And so does trust.

I trust frumpy reporters making $75K a year over spin doctors who go before a national audience and say the president's inauguration was the largest crowd ever.

I trust professional journalists who ask tough questions and document their findings over conspiracy theorists who peddle hate and propaganda.

I trust my eyes and ears over a shithole-calling, pussy-grabbing, phone call-fabricating, cheeseburger-in-bed-eating, race-baiting, FBI-attacking, "Fucking Moron" any day of the week, and twice on a 36 hole playing Sunday.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on a pot of coffee and see what Maggie Haberman has in store for me today.

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Cameron Day (Cam#1 of Two-headed Cam) said...

Dead on, Rich. The Post is now on my list.