Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hey Scalia, suck on this.

In light of the Supreme Court's paternalistic ruling against the TV network's airing of "indecent" words.

And in light of the incredible response to last week's post about compost, I have whipped up a new batch of caca euphemisms:

"I'm gonna let the brown bear out of the cage."

"I have to launch a 'Me' torpedo."

"I'm ordering a complete evacuation of the occupied territories."

"Take an ass divet."

"Planting some offshore corn."

"Air out the root cellar."

"I have to pinch off some intestinal playdoh."

"Graduating a new class of Navy Seals."

"I'm going to UnSuperSize Me."

"Don't go in there I left quite a Carbon Footprint."

1 comment:

tris said...

I am not going to let my fourth grade boy ever read these.