Thursday, June 13, 2019

Illuminati Illuminations

When we last visited with Mr. Donald J. Beckham, Illuminati Head Official, I told him of my desire to own an Illuminati V-Neck collar. He obliged. Not knowing the collar thigamajig is actually an accessory of the Free Masons and no self respecting Illuminati would be caught wearing one.

He can just taste that money.

Then I decide to amplify his frustration by sending him an email that is wrongly addressed to my lawyer, Lionel Hutz. Remember, my character is under heavy medication.


And with that, apparently I have pushed Mr. Beckham over the edge.

Time to take my parting shot.

Onto scamming the next would-be scammer.

On behalf of myself, Heywood Jablomi and the entire staff at the Acme Anvil Company, have a great weekend.

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