Thursday, September 3, 2015

White Trash Thursday

It's been close to two months since we visited the Eastern Sierras for our yearly camping trip.

So imagine my surprise when I ran across this treasure trove of B&W postcards stashed in the back of my duffel bag.

I remember coming across these vintage gems while re-upping our stock of rum at the local Chevron station/Liquor store/bait shop and thinking, "Only two bucks a piece, I'll gladly pay you $10 for these original snapshots of genuine, early California mountain humor."

Now, in retrospect and with the benefit of sobriety, I can see that was just the combination of alcohol and altitude talking.

They're funny.

They're just not 10 dollars worth of funny.

But it is the end of the week.

I'm tired.

And I've spent a lot more than six bucks for a blog posting.

A lot more.

Have a nice weekend.

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