Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Get out the credit card

The US government first started issuing warnings about the dangers of cigarette smoking in the early 1970's. It took millions of dollars in messaging and countless campaigns over the decades, but we are finally seeing a decline in teenage smoking. As well as deaths related to lung cancer.

Similarly, the LGBT community has been fighting an uphill battle for decades. And only after persistent, relentless efforts have the mores in this country begun to change. It wasn't until the year 2015 that a percentage of United States citizens have been granted the rights sworn to all United States citizens. Take that Kim Davis.

The point is, people are slow to change. And will go down, kicking, screaming or waving a Bible before they do.

But the power of the pen is mighty.
And persuasion has never been a sprint, but a marathon.

Which brings us to my new book (and what doesn't?), Round Seventeen &1/2: The Names Have Been Changed to Protect the Inefficient

Many of you have bought the book. And had the good grace to call or write and tell me how much you've enjoyed it.

But, and this is a very big but, so many, many, many more of you haven't.

And that will just not stand.
Not for one minute.

You might as well head on over to amazon before you even finish reading this, because I have just begun the whoring.

I will be on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. Hell, I'll sign up for Plaxo, if it gives me an additional forum to hawk my book.

I will be the Draft King/Fan Duel of social media advertising.

Remember when I did Theme Weeks here on Round Seventeen and devoted entire weeks to: Things Jews Don't Do, Famous Celebrities I Have Worked With, or Foods That Made Me Hurl?

I'm prepared to do a whole month of book promotion and nothing but shameless book promotion.

But Rich, I can hear you saying, isn't that a little self-destructive?

Of course it's self-destructive, I've built an entire career on pissing off people, shooting myself in the foot, failing to capitalize on success and taking three catastrophic steps backward for every one step forward.

In fact, it's all in the book.

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