Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The tent is going up and the prices are coming down.

They're goes my baby.

I nursed her from the beginning. Probably should have paid more attention to the details. But watched as she grew and grew. And reached full maturation. I know I should show some humility, but she's beautiful. And yesterday the full, corrected manuscript for my new book was sent off to the publisher.

Oh, by the way, my oldest daughter also shipped off to the University of Washington.

So now I am officially an Empty Nester. And if you looked at my recent portfolio statements and the dwindling savings accounts, you'd agree "empty" is the appropriate descriptor.

Two out-of-state college tuition bills, an ill-fated, choking-on-seaweed Mexican vacation, and the purchase of every dog barking repelling product known to the Amazon shopper, have left yours truly with just enough money for a bowl of sneaker soup.

Also, as if that weren't enough, it seems the business is in its late summer slowdown mode. And recruiters are shifting away from the skills that once seemed important in this business.

"We need a freelance copywriter with SEO expertise."

"I didn't see any Vines, case studies or SnapChat Chats on your portfolio page."

"We're moving away from words and pictures, those are so 20th century, have you done any work with emojis?"


But I'm a fast learner.

But I didn't get to be a grizzled 44 year old copywriter vet without rolling over some rough patches or downed rented Mopeds in the road.

I know if there's one thing that appeals to agency brass, more than well-manicured beards, stingy brim Fedoras, impossibly-attractive job-hunting sorority girls, and space-efficient, sweatshop-assembly tables…er, "creative collaboration community centers", it's the prospect of saving money.

So in order to refill the coffers and refill them fast, this old schooler is going Old School.

Announcing my End of Year, Let's-Get-the-Siegel-Girls-Through College Clearance Days.

In the parlance of hood-pounding dealership showroom hawkers, "It's the best time of the year to get the best freelance copywriter on the planet.*"

SUPER LEGAL: Claims based on specious research and may not be valid in all 50 states. Best has not been approved by the FTC and/or the Google legal team. Planet does not include certain areas of lower Manhattan, Portland, Oregon, and the entire country of Brazil. Supply is limited. And discounts do not entitle purchaser to demand copywriting after 7:30 PM. And/or weekends. Certain restrictions do apply.

Day rate prices have been slashed.

Ok, maybe slashed is not the right word. Appropriately trimmed.
And the factory is announcing generous cash back incentives on longer term assignments.

Don't wait.

What are you waiting for?

Those manifestos aren't going to write themselves. There's chest-beating, corporate puff pieces and brand re-alignments that must be done. And though it's only September, the Super Bowl is just 6 months away. You can't go to the Big Dance unless you've demoralized an entire creative Department and burned through 178 scripts. If you're lucky.

Pfffft, I've got 177 Super Bowl dead scripts in my files just waiting to have some logos replaced.

Command C
Command V
Command USA Today Poll.

It's just that easy.

Just like the Syracuse Football Team win streak, this Sales event won't last forever. Pick up the phone, email siegelrich@mac.com, get me in your office and discover what so many have discovered before.

"He looks terrible for 44."


1 comment:

george tannenbaum said...

I actually think you should swim against the tide.
You're the best in the business.
You should be raising your prices as of 10/1.
Let them lock in to your 2015 rate now via a long-term gig.
Any slow down is temporary CDs have sunblock and sand still in their ears.