Thursday, January 15, 2015

Making sense of being offended

I am offended.

I'm offended that roughly 1/4 of the planet's population can take offense at a crappy cartoon but sees nothing wrong with a 41 year old man marrying a 9 year old girl.

I'm offended that people have abandoned rational thought, logic and self determination for fairy tales.

I'm offended that pork products, including spicy andouille sausage, baby back ribs and thick applewood center cut bacon have been deemed inedible.

I'm offended by the concept of presumptive conquest, that is, in the future the entire world will submit to the laws of the Caliphate and live by Sharia.

I'm offended by the twisted notion of honor and that any woman displaying sexual desire should be pelted to death with baseball-size rocks.

I'm offended that so many are committed to such a dogmatic belief system. A system so fragile that anyone threatening to leave, will leave as a corpse.

I'm offended by hijabs, burqas, and niqabs.

I'm offended by the term, kufar.

I'm offended that 75 years after the Holocaust there is a systemic, state-sanctioned persecution of homosexuals and vitriolic widespread hatred of Jews.

I'm offended that 750 million people, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters, are seen as 2nd class citizens. Or worse, property. When in reality they are our better half; reasoned, intelligent and not given to fantasy football, dick-wagging and countless hours playing Call of Duty.

I'm offended by the frothing at the mouth and the endless shouts of Allah Akbar. If God was Great human beings would not be killing other human beings for drawing cartoons.

I'm offended by a vengeful God who delights in the sight of spilt blood.

I'm offended by weak-kneed liberal progressives who have no problem calling out Christian intolerance, and rightly so, but go all limp when it comes to confronting the ugly ideologies coming from Mecca.

I'm offended by political correctness, Ben Affleck and naive co-existers.

I'm offended.

And now I'm hungry, so I'm going to make some breakfast, read the newspaper and not run into the street with an automatic weapon.

See how that works?

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Bob said...

Amen, brother.


Make that, "right on."