Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hello Culver City

If you're like me, and you should thank your lucky stars you're not, you get tired of listening to me.

Hell, I reread this week's postings and I'm simply bored to death.

So I'm going to assume you need a respite. I know I do.

Today we're going very visual.

The map above shows Culver City. The astute among you will notice the oval like shape of the streets that comprise Carlson Park, my neighborhood, which at one time was a horse track, which later morphed into a racing car track with the arrival of the horseless carriages.

It all worked out quite well, except for the section I've circled. Somehow, like the idiots who planned our Metro Line without stops at LAX or Dodger stadium, someone forgot to pave Farragut Drive all the way through.

The passageway is simply an alley covered by a steel gauge fence.

Until recently this passageway was hardly noteworthy. But now it is literally and figuratively, quite noteworthy. Since one or several of the neighbors began hanging these very simple and iconic notes.

Here are but a few:

There were twenty more. And the attraction is gathering quite a bit of foot traffic.

You might be wondering do I have a favorite?
I do.

It came from the peanut gallery, someone who felt the need to add on to someone else's note about the collection.

I like a little sour with my sweet.

Thank you Satan.

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Leah said...

Glad you get beyond the park to see this. It's been a great addition to the neighborhood.