Monday, January 19, 2015

I Have A Dropcam

Happy Martin Luther King Day.

Today's post will be intentionally light as I know half my audience is not at the office reading RoundSeventeen and actively putting off any meaningful work. That is if you can call advertising meaningful.

The other half of my audience is out shopping.

Celebrating the man who furthered the cause of racial equality in this country by snatching up throw pillows, now discounted up to 33%. Because, in the words of Dr. King, and I'm paraphrasing here, "we should not judge a man or woman by their color of their skin but by the symmetry and color coordination of their bedding linens."

Also, wasn't it less than a month ago that we were soothing our inner savage retail beasts for the glory of Christ the King?

Let me pivot 180 degrees and get to today's point, if one were to call it that.

Many people on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram, or even Brewster, a new social media outlet that contacted me this morning, are fond of declaring their undying love of their dogs.

And I get it. I love my dog Nellie.

The thought of my 12 year old Shepherd/Retriever/ mutt being on borrowed time can make me well up with tears.

But apart from the licking, kissing and tail wagging one normally expects, how many of you devoted dog folks have seen a manifestation of your pet's unconditional love?

Over Christmas vacation, my family and I went to New Orleans. We did not kennel Nellie as she has gotten too old for all that commotion. So knowing that she'd be more comfortable at home, we asked the neighbor's daughter to stop by feed Nellie, take her for walks and provide some companionship.

Even though she received the best care, as we can see through the magic of Dropcam, Nellie missed her Alpha dog -- me. By the way, I've never seen her do anything like this in real life.

So how much did she miss me? Well, let's go to the videotape.

That much.

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george tannenbaum said...

I worked on Sleepy's "Have a Dream" Martin Luther King weekend mattress sale.