Monday, July 19, 2010

Truth in Advertising

Spotted on Overland Ave., just north of Palms Blvd.

(Full disclosure: I didn't actually take this photo, it was sent to me by my buddy Paul. Since he kicks my ass so regularly at Scrabble I hate to give him credit for anything. But seeing as he and his wife are the only ones that read this blog with any regularity, what the hell.)

I am kicking myself in the pants however for not spotting the Palace De Crapi. It's along one of my main running routes. Well it was when I was training for the marathon. Unless I spring for bionic titanium knee replacements I won't be doing any marathons anytime soon.

From Culver Blvd. I would run north on Overland. I would turn west at National and then right on Barrington. I would run up Barrington all the way into Brentwood. Then turn west again on San Vicente. I'd run along the meridian to Bundy, or if I was feeling particularly strong, all the way down to the ocean, then circle back and head home.

A good 15-16 mile run that would take me close to 2 & 1/2 hours.
If however you were to drive that identical route, particularly on a Friday afternoon, it could take considerably longer.

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